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Video Editing / Motion Graphics

Amazed by movies’ effects and curios about the destruction of buildings, then here we are with these special Courses from planning to publishing & how you can earn passive income from it.

About Video Editing

Want to start YouTube or Facebook Setup as Content creator, Shooting the videos and then join them together using proper Storyboard and adding right music with sound effects, is very important, So, viewer can engage with the content and better understand. For High Reach, there are a bunch of things could be considered like Hook & Engage.

As nowadays Many people are earning money by creating Video Content and posting on Facebook & YouTube and working as full time Youtuber.

In this Brief Course you will learn and create High Reach and Engage Videos as well as Interesting Animations using Adobe After Effect & Extensions. We will add VFX to make Realistic and more engaging Video Content.

Motion Graphics

  • Motion graphicsis a type of animation that transforms static designs into moving pictures. The animations are typically in two- or three-dimensional format and sometimes have sound. Motion graphic designers use software programs to create visual narratives digitally or on television.

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