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3D Modeling & Animation

3D modeling and animation skills are in huge demand in many industries, such as the games industry, the animation industry, advertising, architectural and medical visualization.

About 3D Modeling

3D Models and Sculptures are mostly used in Games, Films and graphics, As next Generation we are very closed to experience A new world of METAVERSE and there is a bunch of opportunities for 3D Artists, So It’s not still too late to get start in the world of Realistic 3D world of Modeling and Animation.

In this brief Practical Course, you will learn from basics to advanced of 3D Modeling, Shading and animation as well as use of Game Design Basics Software.


  • Animation is the process ofgiving the illusion of movement to drawings, models, or inanimate objects. Animated motion pictures and television shows are highly popular forms of entertainment. Traditionally, animation has involved the filming of a series of cartoon drawings or objects so that, when projected, the illusion of movement is created.

Course Outline

Tools we Will use:


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