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About Us

First Female Academy is First Academy in the City for Female Education and Co-Working Space. 

Our Vision is to provide a professional and Secure environment for female to grow their Computer & Professional skills as well as Mindset.

Fazal Rehman

Why Choose Us?

At First Female Academy you can learn skills you want to grow and earn passive income using your interest based skills. In our academy we focus on Mindset Development as well as skills. We have Professional and Experience teacher who are already trained thousands people.

Courses we Offer

Founder of first female academy

Fazal Rehman

Mr. Fazal Rehman is the founder of First Female Academy and mostly people know him as Professional Design Teacher and Mentor, He already had trained thousands students globally and more than 60% of the students are successful woking as Freelancer or Professional and few started their own Agencies. The reason behind successful stuents is that he always focus on Students mindset, Professionalism and career building.He also worked for different International or National Agencies like UNHCR, World Bank Pakistan, Pakistan Sports Board, Comsats University of Islamabad etc.

It’s not end! he Also worked as Freelancer on Fiverr & Upwork. As a Professional Teacher, it’s important to have different experience in different field to provide better knowledge, experience and direction to students.

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